Who we are
HTP HiTech Photopolymere AG was established in 1997. The three founders are a well recognised team that profits from many years of experience in the field of photochemistry. The centre of expertise is the development, manufacturing and marketing of liquid photo resist for etching various Metals (PCM + Photoengraving) or manufacturing High-End flexible circuits (Flexible PWB). In addition our knowhow can be made available to our customers by a timely implementation of production process or consulting in the fields of resist application and imaging.

Our products
HTP is focussed on the development of advanced, liquid photoresist formulations. These resists find their use in the production of fine line flexible innerlayers, etched metal sheet parts, photo engraving and electroformed components. The resists are offered in specific formulations for all commonly used application techniques, such as roller; dip; spray and spin-coating.